Immersive Storyboarding

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Frameflower is an immersive storyboarding tool.

a classic workflow evolved

Frameflower blends the simplicity of analog storyboarding with the infinity of the computer.

Easily import images on-the-fly, scale, rotate, and place them with grab controls. Focus on crafting your story's flow, frames, and narrative. Use images and graphics to plan any project in a freeform 3D map.

Sticky notes for the simulation

Write notes and draw sketches using a virtual

Frameflower allows you to spawn a desktop with a virtual sketchpad to match your real-world desk. Easily write notes, draw diagrams, or even sketch frames directly inside the experience. Pressure-sensitive drawing is enabled for Meta Quest Pro devices.


Voice-enabled integration with generative AI lets you speak new storyboard frames to life.

Configure your own parameters, and instantly generate frames directly inside Frameflower using your voice.

Currently requires a user-hosted server to enable generative features.

Bring your display

Use your PC's display while inside Frameflower, so you can continue writing or designing with your storyboards in view.

Load / Save Sessions

Easily save and load previous sessions, so you can return to your Frameflower space with your frames and boards intact.

Immersive Environments

Choose the time of day you prefer to simulate, or sync the world to real time. Custom environments and mixed-reality passthrough modes coming soon!

Context is king

Exporting Boards

Frameflower storyboards and scenes can be exported to use in other 3D applications or view on non-XR devices.

With .GLTF exports, your Frameflower boards can be viewed on just about any device and just as easily imported into most 3D applications.


Frameflower IID

Frameflower Immersive Immersive Design (IID) is an Unreal Engine plugin that brings the features of Frameflower directly into any Unreal Engine editor project, packaged game, or virtual production.

In-situ, in-virtu - a philosophy for 3D work: Frameflower IID lets you create and save notes, references, drawings, and storyboards directly inside the game world, all without modifying your level files directly.

Share complex spatial ideas easily without losing important context.

Let your story grow.